WIRSOL: Who are we?

Hello, we would like to welcome you to our exciting new platform. By the end of this read we hope you gain a greater insight into our company existence, our mission and the core values we stand by. Ride the wave of the Solar-Coaster with us!

Let’s start with the fundamentals.

The WIRCON group was founded in 2013 and is built up of three entities: WIRCON GmbH (Germany), WIRSOL Energy Ltd. (UK), and WIRSOL Energy Pty Ltd. (Australia). The German office based in Waghäusel, opened in 2010, 2014 saw the UK opening in Arundel, in the heart of the beautiful Sussex Downs, and our most recent venture, which came in March 2017, is our Australian office; based along Manly, a popular suburb of Sydney, widely recognised as Australia’s Solar hub.

Who are we? Let’s delve in deeper.

WIRSOL, is a global operator specialising in the development, construction and operation of photovoltaic (PV) solar projects across Europe and now one of the largest integrated renewable energy developers / owners in Australia (SERA, a Rysted Energy Company, 2018). We strongly base our accomplishments on our adaptability and competence to react in alignment with market conditions, whilst employing knowledgeable and forward-thinking individuals who are at the core of the business, building long-lasting success.

We are proud of the partnerships we have built across all sectors of the business, from the investment banking sector to EPC contractors, PPA providers, and developers. Collectively, these partnerships have made the UK non-subsidised solar journey possible, whilst helping us on our mission to construct and connect 1 gigawatt of solar energy in Australia by 2020, along with further deployment across Europe. To understand the true extent of our mission, this goal will provide clean renewable energy to an incredible 400,000 homes annually for the next generation.

We have achieved many significant milestones to date, our most recent ground-breaking contributions to the renewable industry are outlined below;

Figure 1: Gannawarra Energy Storage System | Victoria | Australia

Combining our UK and Australian projects*, WIRSOL to date has constructed and connected circa. 600MW. Each year this produces over 1,000,000MWh of energy, and powers approximately 180,000 homes, along with with saving a staggering 1,000,000 tonnes of CO2. These figures will only increase as our pipeline projects commence construction, all serving towards a clean energy future.

You may ask why Solar? And why now?

We are currently locked in with global temperatures set to rise by 2% until 2040 – this is something sadly we cannot change. However, what we do now can change what happens thereafter. WIRSOL are trying to combat the fight against climate change and solar energy can positively impact the outlook of our future.

Did you know it takes just one day to get enough generation from the sun to power the whole world for one year! This incredible figure outlines the very reason why we at WIRSOL are dedicated to harvesting the energy produced by a clean, natural and reliable source; the sun.

The consequences of not switching to clean renewable energy are clear and heavily documented in today’s media. Worldwide temperatures will rise, mass migration will take place, plant and animal species will become extinct, not to mention the devastating effects on our own health.

We embark on projects that will implement positive action to power our future, using our advanced knowledge and industry expertise. We seek to actively contribute towards the prevention and protection of the Earth’s climate, whilst benefiting local communities along the way.

Please continue to follow our story and join us whilst we ride the ever-growing Solar-Coaster. This platform will be used to share our key movements, look into the latest topics being discussed on a national and international scale, whilst tapping into a wealth of knowledge via our exciting interview feature with industry experts!

Stay-in-the-know. Stay-tuned.

Thank you.

Team WEL


*A breakdown of our Solar Parks can be found below, for more information regarding any one of our sites, please click onto the suggested website links.UK PortfolioSubsidised Construction Legacy: (No longer under WIRSOL ownership)

  • Home Farm | Cheltenham | 5MW
  • Upper Wick | Gloucestershire | 5MW
  • Woodhouse | Staffordshire | 5MW
  • Otherton | Worchester | 3MW
  • Moor House | Cumbria | 5MW
  • Grove Park | Oxfordshire | 29MW
  • Balcombe | West Sussex | 5MW
  • Wrea Green | Lancashire | 5MW
  • Eckland Lodge | Leicestershire | 4MW
  • Wilbees | East Sussex | 5MW
  • Cranham | Essex | 3MW
  • Shuttleworth | Lancashire | 5MW
  • Widehurst | Kent | 5MW
  • Trowse Newton | Norfolk | 5MW
  • Trethosa | Cornwall | 5MW
  • Lisburn | Northern Ireland | 21MW
  • Sevenhampton | Wiltshire | 13MW
  • Salhouse | Norfolk | 5MW
  • Five Oaks | West Sussex | 5MW
  • Mill Farm | Lincolnshire | 5MW
  • Carrowdore | Northern Ireland | 6MW
  • Trowle | Wiltshire | 5MW
  • Outwood | Essex | 5MW

(Under WIRSOL ownership)

  • Barnham Court | West Sussex | 1.2 MW

Non-Subsidised Acquired Projects:

(Under WIRSOL ownership)

  • Sweeting Thorns | Lincolnshire | 25MW
  • Low Farm | Lincolnshire | 21MW
  • Trowse Newton Phase II | Norfolk | 9MW
  • Outwood Phase II | Essex | 7MW
  • Cleve Hill | Kent | 350MW (50% Wirsol Ownership)

Australia Portfolio

Acquired Projects:

(94.9% Wirsol Ownership)

  • Hamilton | Queensland | 69MW
  • Whitsunday | Queensland | 69MW
  • Gannawarra | Victoria | 60MW

(49.1% Wirsol Ownership)

  • Gannawarra Energy Storage System | Victoria | 20MW / 50MWh

(Under 100% Wirsol Ownership)

  • Clermont | Queensland | 89MW
  • Wemen | Victoria | 110MW

Pipeline Projects:

(In partnership with Renew Estate)

  • Rodds Bay | Queensland | 300MW
  • Springdale | New South Wales | 120MW
  • Bomen | New South Wales | 120MW
  • Hay | New South Wales | 140MW
Figure 2: Gannawarra Solar Farm | Victoria | Australia | Operational – March 2018 | 94.9% WIRSOL Ownership
Figure 3: Hamilton Solar Farm | Queensland | Australia | Operational – July 2018 | 94.9% WIRSOL Ownership