Big city green lights

We are continuously worrying about the effect’s climate change is currently having on our environment and ultimately fear the worst for our future. Here, we have highlighted 10 cities that are leading the way to green, clean cities, full of life. Stereotypically cities are over-populated, polluted and generally have very little tranquillity about them. With the higher footfall and heavy traffic, this is to be expected – you don’t get the nickname ‘the big-smoke’ without some serious polluting. However, this is not a written rule, and many cities have shown commitment to change, which will not interrupt the natural hustle and bustle that we secretly admire about these landmarks. Key examples are evident whether this is introducing more efficient public transport systems, planting more greenery, encouraging cycling with additional bike stations, or providing charging ports for the growing electric transportation. This in turn will prevent the emissions of CO2 and pave the way to delivering a brighter city life. Now for our top ten cities that are giving us hope that mass change is coming:

Copenhagen – Denmark: The city that leads by example

Stockholm – Sweden: The city of cleanliness

Vancouver – Canada: The city with the lowest carbon emissions

Amsterdam – Netherlands: The city of bikes

Curitiba – Brazil: The city of recycling

Singapore – Asia: The greenest city in Asia

Reykjavik – Iceland: The city that will be fossil fuel free by 2050

Portland – Oregon: The city teaching citizens to embrace the environment

San Francisco – America: The city free of plastic bottles

Cape Town – South Africa: The  greenest city in Africa

Feeling inspired? So are we! Let’s take note, take action and strive to make all our cities worldwide greener, more sustainable and ultimately a healthy, happier world for generations to come.

Knowledge is power, it’s time to make a change.

Team WEL